Experience makes the difference... 40 years and 4,000 mediations 

Certified Circuit Court and Family Law Mediator & Certified Appellate Mediator:

Leonard P. Reina is President of Mediation Dispute Consultants, Inc..  Mr. Reina has been certified by both the State of Florida and the Federal Courts as a Mediator.  In addition, Mr. Reina is certified by the State of Florida as a Family Law and Appellate Mediator.  Mr. Reina has mediated in excess of 4,000 disputes including, but not limited to, contracts, torts, personal injury, construction, condominium, real estate, business disputes and family law.  

The Mediation Process:

Mediation is an opportunity for parties to discuss their issues openly with the reassurance their dispute will remain private and the outcome will remain in their control.  The mediation process is voluntary, confidential and parties reserve the right to withdraw from the mediation at any time.

Our Philosophy:

As a mediator, Leonard establishes a natural rapport with people and is adept at listening, defusing emotional blocks and building cooperation.  His objective of "getting to resolution" is approached by fostering a positive, flexible, collaborative environment.  His strengths include calm patience and gentle tenacity;  the ability to discern underlying motives, feelings and agendas;  integrity, establishing credibility as a neutral, creative problem-solving, people skills and sense of humor; and he tailors his approach as appropriate under the circumstances.  Mr. Reina respects the parties' time by being prepared and reviewing all materials in advance, and appreciates the same of counsel and the parties by coming prepared and serious about mediation.